Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baseball is my second language..

If I had to choose a sport to watch my kids play, i'd have to pick baseball. It was introduced to me by Tony when I was pregnant with Tony Jr. He took me to Yankee stadium for a playoff game. My first game ever! I walked through the archway at old Yankee stadium to look down on the field and I was in love. To this day it is one of the prettiest sites I've ever seen.

Today, however, I feel really all baseballed out. Two games to see today. Jarett at 2:30 and Nicky at 8:00. On a Sunday, when I have to get up to go to work early. But, I love the boys more than I love sleep so off i'll go to the games (PS- if you know me you KNOW I love my sleep)

I'm hoping to get over to the hospital to see my baby nephew again in between games. That would just make all things right in the world. I love that little baby so much already.

So, thinking of writing a note to my newest sister in Maine. I think she's having a hard time with the fact that I am now going to be in her life. I don't blame her. I can't imagine what it must feel like to find out that you have a sister- with no warning. Especially since she's older than me. I don't know, I 've had many years to know she was floating around in the universe. She's had days.

All this newness with Brent has really made me miss my mom Pat and my sisters Heather and Jesi. I am missing their kids getting older and more handsome/ beautiful. I'm missing my niece have a her first baby and my sister being a grandmother. Its very difficult to be far away. Texting is nice, phone calls are great but i want to hold that baby. I want to hug my sister when she's sad, and love her when she's happy. This is the hard part of not growing up with your siblings. Both sets of sisters- the one's I've know for 13 years, and the two that I don't know yet, have had each other for all these years. I've got a lot time to catch up with the new sistes, and a great hope that I will know them like I know Heather. Brent has been more than I could imagine , is it possible that they will give me more than I hope for too? I guess I'll find out soon....

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