Saturday, August 7, 2010

The pure joy of good friends

I feel truly thankful for our friends. I think often times our friends become more family to us than our family. Depending on the foundation of the friendship you may spend much time with these people. We have met many wonderful people through our boys- whether that be through their school or sports. Also, you have the those life long friends. You know, the ones you think of often but may only see or speak to infrequently. With this type of friend, you can pick up like you just spoke to them yesterday. I have this with Jessica- who I met when I was 7 and who I have loved and cherished ever since. Although we have a great physical distance between us, I think of her often. She was my surrogate sister, my best friend, and I still love her the same now as I did then.

Last night I spent a fabulous night with friends I met through baseball. My long time friend Donna , who I met because our boys were together in school, and continued to know as the boys played sports together was there also. These families of boys from the allstar team have spent countless hours together cheering for a common cause- our sons. We have had great highs and some dissapointments too. There is a closeness I feel with them that's hard to explain and that I have truly not had with other sports team parents I've been involved with.

I am also relishing in the joy of getting to know my sister through our emails. It's easy for me to open up to her, just like with Jesi and Heather years before. I'm anticipating and praying it will end the same too. What I felt for Jesika and Heather first was friendship. Soon after my heart filled with love for these two woman who share half my gene pool. I only wish all of these lovely ladies I now call sisters weren't so far away.


  1. Jodi,

    We may have met through Parker Farms and have stayed connected through baseball, but you are forever "the sister I never had!" Our lives are intertwined forever now and I know that I am blessed because of it!

    I draw strength from our friendship and I know that my Tony is smiling from above because of it!

    With love always,