Sunday, August 8, 2010

The countdown begins

The countdown has started for me- 6 more days until we leave for vacation. Vacation always brings a sense of excitement but this year there is a even more. I'm looking forward to meeting Heidi and her son and visiting with Brent and Diana and Marty. The circle is starting to close and it is a wonderful feeling.

Today I spent quite a bit of time talking with Teisha. She and I seem to be very much alike in many ways. I felt a sense of ease with her as I did with Brent. When he sat with me for 4 hours, it went by like minutes and I hated to have him leave. I felt like that today after our 3 hour phone convesation. Boy can the two of us talk. Hopefully we can meet in person this fall.

It is ironic as I mentioned before that the more I learn about my biological family, the more I think of my father. I know this was in the plans for him for me. He wanted me to get history- medical and otherwise. i feel a sense that he has made this happen for me. I'm quite sure he can see all this unfolding and is smiling his usual devilish smile.

I had a wonderful few hours today with my cousin and his wife and son. I miss those teenage years where Greg and I would spend countless hours driving in his Z-28 doing absolutely nothing. The days of working at the Dairy Queen and long summers nights. Greg and I were happy to pick up friends and make a night out of driving and trying to get lost, then making our way home. I miss those friends and our intimate talks in that crazy red car. Today , sitting on the deck for hours having nothing much to do but drink our pina coladas and eat our chips and salsa brought all that back for me.

So hopefully tonight I will sleep. I'm not sure I will. There are so many thoughts floating around in my head its hard to quiet them down. It's all good though, it's all good!

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