Friday, August 13, 2010

Are we there yet??

Really and truly I am worse than the kids when it comes to vacations. I'm so anxious to leave and get on the road! Today was a busy day trying to pack for 6 people, including kitchen and food supplies. I think I have everything! I figure most things can be bought if forgotten right?

This is of course more than just a regular vacation for me. This is the opportunity to meet me youngest sister Heidi. I'm looking forward to starting that relationship, as well as continuing to get to know Brent more. I wish my oldest sister Teisha could be there, but that wasn't meant to be. We will meet sometime this fall. In the interum, I am thoroughly enjoying our long phone conversations!! Thank God for free long distance!!

As I wrote in earlier posts, I am desperately missing my other two sisters. Especially Heather- we have talked the most over the years. I can't seem to get her on the phone- I know she is busy with a new baby in the house- but, well , selfishly I just miss her!

I was thinking about love the other day. It came up in a strange kind of way. I was saying to Kelly that it is a strange feeling- love. When we have our babies we find we have this instant overwhelming love come over us. But, what about when we find our parents , siblings , nieces and nephews long lost to us? I know speaking for myself it was easy to love my mom and sisters. I have long known my mother's circumstances surrounding my adoption. How could I , a mother myself (and a teen mother at that) not understand how horrible that must have been for her? I felt nothing but admiration, sympathy, and yes love for her. I find the same thoughts with Brent. It broke my heart that he felt sad to have missed my 37 years. Perhaps he was the lucky one not knowing of me....better than for my mom who had to live with all those feelings.

will it be easy to love Brent? I think so- thanks to my father. He really was a fantastic dad. Had I not had that relationship I think this would have been so much more difficult.

so on to SC i go to relax, have fun in the sun, and meet my extended family. Life is good today.

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