Monday, August 2, 2010

Utah has my DNA!!

I received an email today to let me know my fedex package has been received! Mine and Brent's DNA is being analyzed as we speak. I have such an excitement at finally getting that proof in writing. I'm sure he will feel better too.

I looked at his high school picture again today and could not help staring at the face of my son. Tony looks so much like him , it seems very unlikely that the test could come back anything but in favor of him being my father. I will be shocked if it does.

The DNA test takes 3-5 business days to process. My results will be in by August 9th or earlier. I pray earlier! I am not patient, I don't like to wait!!!

anyway, today was super busy at work and i'm tired. I'm going to go to bed and try to stop counting down the time until I can log in and get my results. How cool is that anyway??? You log in and there it is, the answer to my 37 year question- Is Brent my biological father?? Unbelievable, exciting and plain cool.

more to come as soon as the lab emails me that the results are in!!!

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