Saturday, July 31, 2010

maury povich and jerry springer here i come!

Today i met Brent for a quick breakfast - he was on his way back home and had a bit of time to meet me. Wish it was longer! He called me last night while I was in West Haven watching Jarett- I didn't realize he was only going to be here for a tiny bit or I would have stayed home to meet him.

Anyway, breakfast at Denny's in Southington. HMMM should have been routine- NOT! today was awesome in those crazy kind of what the hell just happened kind of ways! First, i got to see some older pictures of him where I can see a family resemblence. Especially with him and Tony. His high school picture is so cool. I see my son in his face. Amazing!

Also, I got to hear some family history. I'm craving this like you can't believe. I haven't know much about my roots so of course this interests me.

Lastly, well this is the kicker. Maury Povich has nothing on us! We went to our cars and did our cheek swab DNA tests in the Denny's parking lot. Yup, I know - nuts. It was, but it was also kinda awesome too. I mailed them off today. Should have results in about 10 days or less. How cool is that? Just hope it works ok. We weren't supposed to eat or drink for an hour before. Of course we did but we still took the test and sent it off. I pray it works.

that's it for now!

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