Sunday, April 3, 2011

***~*~*** My 38th Birthday of Firsts ***~*~***

Ahhhh, another year passes by.  It seems they go much faster as there are more birthday candles placed on my cake.  It has been a wonderful year for me in many ways and every holiday and event that has passed since June has been a first for me.

My 38th birthday was a 1st birthday for me too!  My first birthday with two more sisters and a brother.  My first birthday knowing my father.  My first birthday in six years where the sadness of missing my father has not been the overwhelming emotion that I've felt. My first birthday where my family is complete.

This year I received beautiful birthday wishes from people I love dearly.  It is an odd feeling realizing that these very important people were not always in my life.  Odd because I cannot now think of the words "my family" without seeing their faces. 

So, for this year, I chose not to have birthday candles on my cake (and thanks to Tony for the yummy peanut butter  blizzard ice cream cake!) .  I think most of my birthday wishes already came true. They only thing I can wish for is more time with my 4 sisters, brother, mothers, and father.

I have to thank my mother, once again, who I hold in high esteem, for the love and encouragement through this whole journey. I cannot say enough about how much I admire her strength and courage.  For me the year was full of joy, and although it must have been difficult at times for her, she has been nothing but supportive for me.

Here's to being 38!