Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First post...

So... I'll make a go of this blogging. I started thinking about all kinds of things since i started organizing this blog. What DO i want to write under the about me section? What's important? It always comes back to the same things. My family. My crazy, interesting , ever changing family dynamics.

Its easy to say I'm a mother and a wife. I am certainly those things first and foremost. But, I'm a daughter to a mom and dad that couldn't have children- I'm also a daughter to a mother who couldn't keep her child. Now, i'm learning - I'm a daughter to a man who didn't know I existed for 37 years! So- in realty, i guess the about me section isn't big enough to hold all the labels I have!!

Life has been interesting lately. I decided after 13 years of knowing my biological father's name to contact him. I knew he didn't know i existed. I also was pretty sure my chances of connecting with him would be slim. I found him on facebook and emailed him. I'm pretty sure i gave him the shock of his lifetime.

Little did I know it was ME that would be shocked. I have been treated with nothing but respect and kindness by this father of mine who is a complete stranger to me. I have not been doubted or treated with suspicion. I contacted him in late June- I met my biological father Thursday July 22nd. That day is forever marked in the calendar of my mind with a big red heart circling the date.

I also learned i have two sisters and a brother- a brother whom he adopted! The universe works in wonderous ways. A man who would have a daughter who he did not know existed, who was then put up for a adoption, then adopts a son to give him a better life! All I can say is "wow!"

And so, this blog will go on about my family. My husband of 16 years, my four sons, two moms, a new dad, a dad in heaven, a brother, and sisters I was not fortunate to know until I was a grown woman. This should be an interesting journey adding branches to my family tree. Actually, perhaps I should have multiple trees!!!!

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  1. Jodi...we are blessed to have you in our lives and we love ALL of you...you are my friend and my "sister"...With Love, Donna, Christina, Anthony and forever Tony <3