Thursday, July 29, 2010

a wonderful and joyous day!

Today was a day filled with joy as Tony and I became Auntie Jodi and Uncle Tony! we are so excited to have a beautiful 7 lb newphew. It is amazing how much love you can feel for a little person! I think loving Deb and Tom so much has multiplied this joy for me.

Before I found my sisters Heather and Jesi, there was my sister Debbie. She and I became fast friends and quickly she became the sister I never had. She has been my confidante, partner in crime and best friend for as many years now as I can remember. I am so thrilled for her that she now can feel the love of being a mother- and for me that I can enjoy being the doting auntie (I do owe her about 100,000 hours of babysitting!!!)

July has been a month of overwhelming emotions for me. It has made me feel closer to my own immediate family. My husband has been a rock for me, as he always is, as he has helped me through my fears of the unknown. Friends have been a support and encouragment. I am blessed!

I received an email that Brent will be back by this weekend on his way to GA. I find myself excited to know this man that completes half my DNA. Speaking of DNA- i will be taking a DNA test with Brent just to make us both feel better. We will send our cheek swabbed samples in the mail to the lab, and recieve emailed results 5 business days after they are received. How totally cool is that???

tomorrow is the day I meet my adorable newphew and Godson. Life is good tonight....

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