Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another milestone comes and goes...As we mark one year of being a family.

My Dad and Me

Heidi, Dad, Teisha and I July 23, 2011

So its Tuesday. I generally dislike Tuesdays.  Its a longer day for me at work and I'm always anxious to get to my day off on Wednesday.  Today was a particularly sad Tuesday for me even though I had the day off because today I had to say goodbye to my family that was visiting me.  Goodbyes have never been easy for me, this was no exception.

Thursday evening, after waiting anxiously like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve, Tony and I were able to welcome my father, Diana, and my sister Heidi into our home.  I've been counting down the months, weeks, days, then hours, then minutes until I would see them!! We haven't been together since October when Tony and I spent those 4 glorious days in Georgia at their home.

Now, to know me is to know that although I am can be happy about a situation, I still cannot shake the negative that is coming.  I promised myself that I would enjoy every minute I had with my sisters, Dad and Diana and not count down the hours til they had to leave.  I was pretty good about it this time too.  I did well until Monday when I knew it was the last day, but I'll save the sappy thoughts for later ! (shocker, lol!)

I have always been thankful for the fact that I entered this family with a feeling of belonging.  It's a fantastically strange feeling to have this kind of ease so early, but I did.  I have always felt an instant connection with them as I did with my mother when I met her.  It was something I did not expect. I'm  not sure if I didn't expect it because it was my father (vs. meeting my mom whom I'd felt in my heart forever) or what, but I'm grateful it is there.

Me and my cousin Patrick
We had an awesome time!  A great party Saturday evening having my Peterson side of the family meet my Gagnon side of the family.  I'm so happy everyone blended so well together!!  We continued to have fun for the rest of my weekend and I soaked up the time I had getting to know more about Heidi and my stepmama ( inside joke) Diana, Also getting more of that quality time with Teisha, Shawn and my Dad.  I wish I could have stopped time or at least slowed it down last saturday night!  We all got on so well that I was floating on cloud nine.   You can see in the pictures how truly happy I was.  I didn't get to spend time with our friends at that party as much as I would have liked, but other than that it was perfect! (I owe you another party dear friends!!) 

Two of the best guys you will ever meet!

Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Leonard

During their visit it was exactly a year that had passed since I met my father last July 22, 2010.  I cannot believe it but its true!  I feel like we have worked hard to catch up the time and the affect of that hard work is showing.  I really can't tell you in words how I feel about the time and effort my father has put into building our relationship.  And that is really what its about.  We both had to make a decision early on what this would be about.  For me it was simple, I would take all he would give.  He has surpassed my expectations as well as have my sisters Teisha and Heidi.  His wife Diana is someone I honestly just look forward to seeing! All of the wives that read this know if it weren't for her support, I wouldn't have as much of my father as I do.

Diana with my father

So, I wasn't going to write today, but i swore when I started this blog I'd write when I could.  Especially after good events.  I've re-read my blog recently and really you do forget some of the emotion!  After reading again, it just makes me more thankful for what I have. Today is a tough one though,which is why I will post this so late.  It hurts my heart to write about saying goodbye.  I now start my countdown again.  Three months until we meet again.

My next agenda is finally seeing my mother.  It has been my experience that I've missed her even more when I'm with him.  Crazy how your heart and mind work.


So, thanks to my Dad for making it all happen, being the great guy that he is.  For driving 17 hours to see me, staying in my crazy boy overrun home. For doing the everyday things with me this weekend that meant more to me than siteseeing and even the casino-- that's saying alot from me! (baseball games,  driving me around and grocery shopping--(oops, i still owe you that money!).  Thanks for making the trip Diana and Heidi.  Teisha and Shawn for thier 3rd trip down (I owe you a few trips too!)  And to many more years of doing the same ordinary things again.       

Teisha and me

Me with Heidi


Tommy and Debbie

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  1. I love reading your posts. What an exciting time for you and I'm not surprised (at all) how much you are loved by your family!